I’m open to all kinds of creative challenges, so feel free to reach out about anything, and we can discuss the possibilities!

If you’re looking for more specific examples of artistic services I’ve done before, please take a look below. 

Fantasy Art

Fantasy is the biggest reason why I started drawing. To this day I love working in this genre. If you want to commission a fantasy painting please reach out!

Cover & Storybased Illustration

May it be for a music album, a book, or for your game. I really enjoy creating art that captures the mood and story you want to tell. Either as a one off cover, or a series of images.

Brand Illustration

If you're looking for a fun way to highlight your product or brand. Together with other artists I run Colorbandits. A color-focused illustration and animation agency for brands and advertising.

Editorial Illustration

I gladly make interesting, artistic or thought-provoking illustration(s) to supplement articles and stories.


May it be for a website portal, a game, your own worldbuilding project, or a physical D&D map. Balancing all the needed elements in a clear and beautiful overview is a challenge I very much enjoy.

Background Art

With experiences working on (short) movies and music clips, I’m able to adapt to different styles and needs. Please check out the projects page for productions I’ve worked on.


When it comes to environments, perspective and depth, I’m a quick sketcher. Translating a storyboard or script into a clear template for background art is something that comes natural and I love doing it.


Using color to convey mood and emotions is, for me, one of the most important elements in storytelling. By creating a series of color thumbnails we can map out the emotional journey of your project, and keep a consistent feel to the (animated) video.

Concept Art & Visual development

Concept art & visual development are broad terms that encompass a lot. But if you’re looking for someone to help develop your ideas, world and story, with sketches and quick paintings, please reach out!


Whilst I focus mostly on drawing, I do have plenty of experiences animating my own illustrative work using programs such as After Effects. In doing so I’ve produced full music clips, animated explainers and loops. For additional 2D cell-animation or larger projects I can rely on a network of colleagues. So please reach out if you’re interested in starting 2D animated production.

Artwork for Animated Explainers

I specialize in creating atmospheric backgrounds and assets, using color and composition to convey the right mood and tonal voice. I’ve helped visualize explainers for a variety of clients, such as KLM, Schiphol, the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, and several Dutch Ministries.